If talking about beliefs doesn’t sit well with you, I understand that, completely.  I’ll admit that I used to cringe whenever I heard people talking about “believing in yourself” and how “you have to believe it first” before you can do something – it all sounded a bit too woo-woo for my liking.  Which makes perfect sense.  Your beliefs create your reality, so if I don’t believe it then I’m not going to have an experience of it.

You cannot have an experience of something that you don’t believe – our reality must remain congruent with our beliefs.  Reality isn’t the same for everyone.  We each create our own reality according to what we choose to focus on, based on what our beliefs are.  In other words, we don’t see things are they are, but as we are.  When you fully grasp this concept, you can consciously attract into your life what you want, and learn to stop attracting the things you don’t want.

Let’s look at an example of someone who believes that ‘fun’ and ‘responsibility’ are two separate things that don’t mix:

Someone who holds this belief will obviously see themselves as having a choice between have fun and being responsible.  If they choose the responsible route, then they will have no fun or excitement in their life, will be afraid to let their hair down and enjoy themselves because they subconsciously believe they would need to give up everything they’ve achieved in order to have a little fun.

If they choose to have fun, then they are going to drop all sense of reponsibility because subconsciously, their belief determines that they can only choose one or the other.  So they are going to get the mid-life crisis, extra marital affairs, running off and leaving the spouse and kids, driving dangerously, alcohol/drug/gambling addictions, and excessive risk-taking. If they had an experience of having fun and being responsible at the same time, they wouldn’t be holding the belief that you cannot have both.

This is actually not an uncommon belief, although the resulting behaviours are not always as extreme as the above examples! Someone who falls into such a scenario will see no other option until they consciously change their belief.

All beliefs serve a purpose.

You can’t change something if you don’t believe you created it to begin with.  Before you can let go of a limiting belief, you must acknowledge how that belief was serving you.  Maybe you believe that “life is hard” because it means that you don’t have to step up and give it a ago.  This belief might serve you by giving you an excuse not to try.

Our beliefs create our reality.  The question to ask is, what kind of reality are you creating for yourself right now, and is it the reality that you want?

If you want to have an experience of life being beautiful, you need to expect it to be beautiful.  When you expect it, you’ll start looking out for it.  When you look out for proof that life is beautiful, the universe will flood you with examples.

Change your beliefs, and you will change your life.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau