I am currently getting over a cold, and I am feeling grateful for having it.  Am I crazy?  Well maybe, but let me explain myself and then you can decide!

When you have a cold, your focus is on taking care of yourself.  Of course we should be doing this anyway, but we all go through stages where life just gets in the way, and we find ourselves putting our own needs on hold whilst we take care of whatever else is occupying our attention.

Sipping herbal teas, snuggling on the couch in my PJ’s, having a warm bowl of wholesome chicken soup, catching up on TV shows, reading loads of books and putting my feet up and taking it easy, is not bad at all!  And don’t tell me you don’t secretly (or not so secretly) love a few days off work.

The thing is, people often feel guilty for taking time out for themselves.  You watch TV whilst telling yourself that you should be doing something more productive.  But when you are sick – you get to veg out on the lounge guilt free!

The great thing is, you don’t have to feel guilty because you’re supposed to be taking it easy!  Instead, you feel guilty for not taking it easy, and if you get caught doing anything other than relaxing, people will tut-tut their fingers at you!

Call me Pollyanna, but I love herbal teas.  I love eating chicken soup.  I love spending all day reading books without feeling that I should be cleaning the house instead.

I am also thankful for the process of having a cold.  It’s called ‘sickness’, but it’s actually healing that you are experiencing.  The sneezing, runny noses and high temperature are all intelligent coping mechanisms that your body uses to combat the infection.  Our body flushes out all of the germs without us even asking – is that generous or what!?

If all you think about is your sore throat and blocked nose and ears, and what you can’t do, then of course having the flu sucks.  But like anything in life, you can focus on the positives or the negatives.  I make having a cold ALL about the things I love.