Have you seen the movie Titanic?  You know that scene where Rose is an old lady sitting in front of the mirror, she’s holding that necklace ‘The Heart Of The Ocean’ in her hand, and she closes her eyes and remembers back to the time when she was the younger version of herself?

You see her as the younger Rose, running around on the ship laughing and having fun, beautiful, youthful, carefree and in love.

Then she opens her eyes, and you see her as the old lady again that she is now.

That scene for me is really powerful.

Once you are ‘old’, you will have memories that you’ll look back on. Some memories will be so vivid that you’ll be able to close your eyes and it will feel as though you are there again.

There will be things that you regret.

You may regret some things that you did.

But most of all you will regret the things that you didn’t do.

The life wasted.

But no matter how hard you try, how strong your will, or how clearly in your mind you can picture your younger self, there is nothing you will be able to do to go back.

You can never go back.

But you can go forward in your mind.

And if you go forward in your mind, you can go back in real life.

Here’s what I want you to do.  Close you eyes, and visualize in your mind that you are the old lady / old man version of yourself.  You are looking at yourself in the mirror, wrinkles and all, and looking into your own eyes.

While you sit in front of the mirror as your elderly self, think back to a time in the past, where you were younger, perhaps fitter, and had your whole life ahead of you.

You had wild dreams.

But time got the better of you.

Unfortunately, none of those dreams ever actually eventuated.

Your life wasn’t bad, but that was the problem.

You got comfortable.

Your job didn’t fulfil you. But it was comfortable enough that you kept plodding away until your retirement.

Your relationships could have been so much more than they were.  You wished that you did more of the things that you loved.

You put up with what you had because you believed you weren’t capable of having more.

So you never even tried.

You think of all of the amazing experiences you could have had.  Languages you didn’t learn.  Dance classes you never did.  Those recipes you never tried.  Connections you never made.

You’re painfully aware of all of the incredible places on earth that you never got to visit during your young and adventurous days, that you’ll only ever know in pictures.

Your heart aches with regret.

If only you had listened when you were younger.  You often heard people say to live as though tomorrow doesn’t exist.

But it seemed like such a cliche.

But you didn’t realise how much time was slipping away.  Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, years turned into decades.

The feeling of regret is unbearable.  You would do anything to go back, but it’s too late now.


It’s not too late!

You have only aged in your mind!  And you CAN go back to that time when you were younger.

That time is your life right now.

So make the most of it, because you still have a chance.

Think about the experiences you want to enjoy in life.  The places you intend to travel to.  The adventures you want to experience.  The new skills you’d like to learn. The relationships you’d love to have.  The work you’d love to do.  The creations you’ve talked about making.

Now go make them happen!