I had an interesting dream last night about Buddha, and I thought I would share it with you to give you an insight into the way that the subconscious mind communicates with us, particularly in dreams.

In this dream, I was hurrying out the door and was late for a bus.  Just as I was rushing out, I noticed a painting lying on top of a shelf.  I stopped and picked up the painting.  It was a beautiful picture in the colour of deep electric blue, of a Buddha, who was lying down.  Colours are a vibration, and blue is associated with intuition, truth and devine awareness.

Above the Buddha was a sentence.  It read…

“The Buddha is a needle.”  Then I noticed that on the actual picture, Buddha had lots of needle pricks all over his stomach.  He looked calm, and deeply peaceful (I know – would you believe?)  but the sensation I got was that whatever the reason for the needle pricks, it was completely normal and natural.

I opened my eyes and though, how strange!  I had no idea why the sentence “The Buddha is a needle” would appear in my dream.  Yet it was so vivid, I knew that it meant something.  The fact that I had stopped (in my dream) in my haste to notice this picture that was lying on the shelf, indicated to me that my subconscious mind was trying to get my attention.

So I googled ‘Buddha’ and ‘needle’, thinking that maybe there was some sort of quote to look out for.  There wasn’t.  I decided to look at it in a new light, and thought, Okay.  What are the characteristics of a needle?  Well… needles are sharp.  Ah-ha!  That makes sense.  ‘Sharp’ would be a fairly accurate word to describe the nature of Buddha.  But why did he only have pin pricks on his stomach?  Well the stomach/gut is the area of intuition and higher consciousness.  So the interpretation I got from this message in my dream is to keep my intuition sharp.  And exercises such as these are a great way to do just that!

The language of the subconscious mind uses symbols, images/visions and metaphor.  In order to understand, or attempt to understand the messages, we need to move beyond left-brain logic into the expanded, holistic awareness of our right-brain.  For those who are unfamiliar with this terminology, I will explain more about left-brain and right-brain in a later post.  For now, just know that using rational analysis to interpret your dreams will not work.  You will be left (see what I did there?) thinking, “Huh?  The Buddha is a needle?  That makes no sense, the Buddha was a person and a needle is an inanimate object.”  The left-brain may even suspect something to do with acupuncture (as this would be a logical explanation for needlepricks on the body).  The right-brain looks at the representation of the needle in order to grasp its meaning.  The needle as an object has no significance, but rather it becomes a symbol for its characteristics (sharpness).

Have you had any dreams where you can vividly recall the details and have wondered what the message is?  I would love to hear about it.

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