The Mayan Calendar – so what has changed?

Can you feel it? We are on the cusp of a powerful shift that is taking place. A 26,000 year cycle has just ended – so it is a big one.  Certain events over the past few weeks alone have given birth to a new phase of what we, as a collective, want for humanity.

We are all in this together – every single being – without exception.  These words apply to both yourselves as individuals, and humanity combined.  No matter what takes place in this universe or in our lives – whether difficult, shocking, distressful or joyful- a contribution is made towards the growth of humanity, every time.

That may be difficult to accept when we are focusing on specific details of events, because we are in a mindset of judgement, and may question how distressful events can possibly add to our existence.

We can easily identify when something goes against our values and feels bad, that we want to put a stop to.  It is precisely this uniting together to decide and create what we do want, that gives birth to a new phase of our spiritual growth.

We receive as a gift an even stronger picture of what we want, what we will no longer accept, and what we can do together to align with these clearer values.

Museums around the world depict historic eras of humanity.  We can look back on periods of time and say, “Remember when society was like that?  Can you believe we actually allowed stuff like that to happen to one another?”  It serves as a reminder that whilst tragedies will always occur, we do grow and evolve, and the expansion of our consciousness increases rapidly from such events.

The same situation applies on an individual level.  Anything that you do not want gives birth to a clearer picture of what you do want.  Can you see how feelings such as anger and jealousy therefore arise to serve us?

So long as we let go of the negative and focus on who we will choose to become as a result – that is the key thing to remember.

Change can be difficult, but it can also be exciting when embraced.  With every ending comes a new beginning, and a chance to let go of old behaviours that no longer work for us.

So let’s begin a new cycle with the lessons that we have learned, and be who we need to be to have what we want to experience from this next chapter.  That is a choice that we can choose to make in every moment.