Susan Mathew is a Life Coach in Hobart, Australia

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Susan gave me the tools to make it happen

” Life Coaching with Susan allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education to have a career that I will love! With the right questions I realised I always knew what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure I was committed to taking those necessary steps. Susan’s coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibilities that I can make it happen. Along with a new career path I also found a new way of controlling emotions and focusing on the positive in life. I highly recommend Susan as a life coach and really enjoyed our sessions. Thank you Susan. ”

Nicole Neylon, Western Australia

A fog has lifted

“Hi Susan, Many thanks for the work you did with me the other night.  Since our session, I have been finding that my decisions are clearer and I am taking active steps to de-clutter my mind and my surroundings and am already noticing that I have a far better sense of where I want to head than I did before our session.

For this I am very, very grateful – it is as though a fog has lifted and I have stepped into the light and can see the way forward.

Your insights and getting to the heart of the issues was fantastic and your compassionate approach made me feel at ease and free to challenge my beliefs – thank you.”

Narelle, Sydney

Many "a-ha" moments!

“I had a number of reservations initially about “life coaching”. Susan was recommended to me by my sister and a friend and I have had over six sessions now. This experience is nothing that I had imagined it to be. I appreciate how Susan challenges me to think about issues from different perspectives and to self reflect on my thought processes that are blocking me from achieving my goals. I have received coaching from Susan in several areas such as career and fitness. She has a bag of tricks for any situation which often result in “ah ha” moments for me.  I have already recommended her to a number of friends”.

Erin McKay
Health Professional, Perth

Significant breakthroughs

“I have had a number of one-on-one coaching sessions with Susan over the last few months and she has helped me to achieve significant change through coaching. Susan has enabled me to explore areas of my life which have been holding me back in a safe environment and the care and understanding that she has shown me has resulted in me feeling completely comfortable talking to her about a wide range of issues. The changes that I have achieved through being coached by Susan have transformed the relationships that I have with people close to me, have improved the way that I manage my business and have given me a new purpose and direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan to you.”

Financial Planner, Canberra

I learnt a lot about myself

“After 6 sessions with Susan I learnt a lot about myself, and I was comfortable opening up to her about my issues that I had been holding in for many years. Susan helped me to realise a lot about life, relationships, and how to look beyond the past and move forward in a more positive way.  I found that each session helped more and more, and I feel that I have grown a lot internally from just being able to talk to Susan.   She is more than just a life coach – she is compassionate,  friendly, intelligent and a friend I feel I can talk to anytime now.”

Travel Consultant, Melbourne

I am a new person!

I have just completed 2 months coaching and I am a new person without a doubt. I am confident, happy in control of life and have so much positive energy – thanks to Susan and her coaching methods and style. I no longer compulsively eat and I am in control of alcohol.

I have a new life, a future and every day is filled with happiness and contentment. My relationships have improved 100% and I am going out socialising with friends, something I didn’t do. I have taken up new challenges and I am a participator in life and not a spectator.

I would recommend that if you want to get the results that I have then you go no further and contact Susan. You can either waste more time reading self help books, attending courses or you can get your life back now and call Susan from The Refined Mind.”

Lisa (Western Victoria)

Susan is a Transformational Life Coach who specialises in the area of relationships and mental wellbeing.

By navigating you through the negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, hidden fears and self-sabotaging behaviours that have held you back and kept you feeling stuck, Susan will assist you to move from where you currently are in life to where you REALLY want to be.

In a life coaching session with Susan, you will be guided, encouraged, fully supported and challenged to step into the version of yourself that you KNOW deep down you are capable of being.

Instead of letting the same patterns keep playing out in your life, contact Susan to establish a clear way forward, and a specific plan of action to create the change that will give you the results you are seeking.



Life Coaching can help you…


Break through limitings beliefs and negative thought patterns that are holding you back


Learn simple, effective strategies to gain control of your emotions


Get unstuck from a rut + regain clarity and direction in your life


Increase your confidence and level of self-awarenes

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