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Life balance is something that we all want, but would you like to know how to tip the scales in your favour?  Keeping our energy in balance is how we can feel at our best, and become better equipped to handle whatever life throws our way.

When you are out of balance, you might feel stressed, disorganised, feeling negative about people or events in your life, chaotic (too much going on all at once and feeling out of control), bored (not enough excitement going on), or have a run of bad luck.

When you are out of balance, don’t be fooled into thinking that the impact is purely on a mental level.  Your body and mind are inseparable and when something affects one it affects the other.  Illness often begins this way, so having your energy constantly out of alignment is more serious that you might think.

When something is heavy, we hold it closer to us than we do with something lighter.  If I were to throw a tennis ball to you, you would be able to catch it just by holding out your hand.  If I were to then throw you a medicine ball, you would need to bend your knees and hold the medicine ball close to your body.  We can’t hold the heavy thing at the same distance as the lighter thing, because nature’s law of balance ensures that we will keep the heavy thing closer to us.

So we can understand that negative and positive things are not evenly balanced to begin with.  If you were to place items on a set of scales, you would need much less of the heavier items to weigh it down, than you would lighter items.  So does this mean that it is more difficult to have positive experiences in life than negative ones?  Does it mean that you need a whole lot of good things happening in your life in order to feel good, and it only takes a few bad things to bring us down?  Does this mean that ‘positive’ people are just lucky enough to have an exceptional number of good things happen to them compared to others?

The good news is that is no, you do not need to have more of any particular ‘type’ of event in order to feel good.  The reason for this is that everything is perception.  Nothing is intrinsically negatively or positively charged – until you label it as such.  When something happens, you get to decide the meaning of the event.

So if you think that you have been dealt a lot of negative events in your life recently that has caused you to feel out of balance, it might be time to rethink what exactly you have been balancing on your spiritual scales, and do some reframing.  If you don’t think that a particular event in your life is beneficial to you in some way, how can you look at it from another perspective to see the gift?  Normally when you are given a present, you keep the gift and throw away the rubbish.  The same is true of life – you should only be holding on to the gift, and discard everything else.  You decide whether something is positive or negative.  When you change the meaning of the event, you also change the weight, therefore you are choosing the distance that you hold it, and thus impacting how heavy or light you feel. If you want to experience consistent joy, you need to consistently choose lightness and joy. Balance is not a matter of what you are holding, but how you are holding it – and the choice is always yours.

If you would like to learn how to reframe your negative experiences into a positive experience, contact Susan for a free consultation.  I’d love to help take the weight off your shoulders.