Intuition is not just for psychics.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”. – Albert Einstein

Developing your intuition can bring wonderful benefits to your life. It can help you make decisions more easily and with confidence, connect you to a greater knowledge, improve your relationships, and even your safety. It will also help you find your life’s purpose.

Intuition is direct knowledge from our subconscious mind, without any input or distortion from our conscious mind.  Unlike logic, intuition is a feeling that arises on it’s own, without use of the five senses. For this reason, it is commonly referred to as the sixth sense. Some people are described as being ‘intuitive’. It is true that some of us have a greater ability than others, and some are born with innate psychic abilities (often passed on from previous generations). But in actual fact, everybody is intuitive to a degree, and we can all access our intuition.

We are constantly receiving messages from our subconscious. But we mostly ignore these feelings throughout our lives, and as a result, our ability weakens. People walk around with headphones on, turn on the TV automatically, and drown out any insights with constant thinking, worrying and planning. It is no wonder that we forget how to use this ability. But just like any other skill, we can learn to improve with practice.

Understanding intuition – What is it?

Intuition is knowledge that is gained without logical and rational judgement. It is characterized as a feeling that we get about something, a sense of ‘knowingness’ about the way something is or about something that you feel is going to happen.

These are some common expressions that may be used by yourself and others when you have picked up on some information intuitively:

I have a hunch….

I just have a feeling that….

I’m getting good vibes about this / I have a bad vibe….

I have a gut feeling that….

Deep down I know that….

So we can gather from the above that intuition is a vibration or feeling within our stomach/gut.

Logic vs intuition

Logic is a conclusion that we come to via the process of thinking about something. The information comes from the head, using rational and analytical thought. When we use logic, we know where the information came from, why and how we came up with it. It is based on facts and figures.

Intuition does not come from thought. The information is derived from the unconscious mind, without being analyzed by the mind. It is based on feelings and hunches.

Take an example of two people that meet a stranger. The intuitive person might say “I can’t pinpoint what it is, but I just have a really bad feeling about this person. Something doesn’t seem right.” The logical person might say “This person is smiling, is being polite, and is well dressed. Therefore, they seem trustworthy.”

Logic has it’s place. For most peole (but not everyone), their job requires a logical, analytical approach. But for other areas of life, it is wise to trust the inner wisdom that is our intuition.

Here are some tips to improve your intuition…

Pay attention to your dreams. Our unconscious mind finds sleep time to be one of the best times to speak to us, because our conscious mind is asleep and can’t get in the way!

Our subconscious mind communicates with us in methods including symbols, metaphors and images.  Don’t try to interpret the messages using your rational mind because it won’t make any sense.

Also don’t assume that everything you dream is a premonition. Many people wake up feeling fearful and worried after dreaming about death. However, death symbolizes the ending of something, which could be any chapter of your life – it is not necessarily something bad. And with every ending comes a new beginning.

Consider keeping a dream journal.  Depending on the stage of sleep that the dream occurs, dreams can be forgotten in an instant and are most vividly remembered when we first wake up. Keep a journal on your bedside table, and write down as much of your dream as you can remember as soon as you wake up. Do this BEFORE stretching, moving, deciding what to eat for breakfast or worrying about the day ahead. It is important that you stay in the same brainwave state as best you can, and the slightest movement or change of breathing can disrupt this. Stay relaxed.

Stop writing things off as coincidences. How many times have you thought about someone and received contact from them a moment later? How many times have you said with surprise, “Gee, what a coincidence! I was just thinking about you!” From now on when you think of someone ‘out of the blue’, notice how quickly you hear from that person. We communicate via energy, and we do not need to be in the same room for it to happen. When you declare everything a ‘coincidence’ you are missing out on a lot of life’s miracles because you are limiting yourself, by preventing yourself from joining the dots and making connections. There are no coincidences, only cause and effect.

Anytime you are having trouble making a decision and are torn between two choices, ask yourself: If one of the choices were to come from the head and one from the heart – which would it be? A clue is that you will probably be less able to rationalize the heart based decision. Whereas if you were to make a list of the pros and cons, the logical decision is the one that would stand out. But the logical decision is not always going to be the best path for you. Most of us have been conditioned to stay safe and avoid taking any risks, and therefore logic will be unlikely to guide you in the direction of your dreams.

Sometimes we can think about something too much. There is a reason that ‘sleeping on it’ or going away and coming back to it is a good idea. If you’ve ever had a great idea suddenly ‘come to you’ when you weren’t even thinking about it, that is your intuition.  We just need to get our conscious mind out of the way to enable to thought or idea to come through to us.

Using your intuition to create change

We can use our intuition to help create change in our lives and get what we want.

Without understanding the cause of our deeply ingrained habits, we can only create temporary, surface change and will fall straight back into those same patterns that we are desperately trying to escape. Our old patterns will keep reformulating in our lives and keeping us stuck.

If, however, you want deep, lasting, transformational change, start paying attention to the wisdom of your subconscious mind. All change begins on a subconscious level, and what you need the most in each moment will come to you when you trust it.