I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you focus on all of the reasons why you can’t have something that you really want – not only will you come up with a gazillion reasons why it can’t work, but…

 you will then need to “find” this thing called “motivation” so that you can start taking action to get what you want.

I guarantee you won’t “find” it, because you “know” deep down that you can’t have what you want, so why would you even bother trying?  That’s why you think you need motivation.

Now….. if you focus on all of the ways that what you want CAN work, not only will you come up with a gazillion reasons to support that belief, but you will realise that…

 you “have” this thing called “inspiration”, that will compel you to take action.

The key is to stop waiting for the outside world to prove to you that what you want is attainable – this needs to come internally from you. When you can “see” that what you want IS attainable, the only thing that can get in your way, is you.

Have a think about something in your life right now that you really want, that you have been putting off because there is a step that for some reason you just “can’t” take yet. I’m willing to bet money that there is a belief embedded into your subconscious, a little niggling voice telling you that you can’t really have what you want. On good days, you might not even hear this voice. When everything is going well, it feels like anything is possible. But then you have a bad day… and that little voice gets a little louder…

“What are you thinking? You know you can’t really have this…”

And on auto-pilot, your mind instantly comes up with a great big long list of reasons to validate this belief.  Those reasons then multiply, until you become SO stuck in this limited thinking that you can’t believe you were silly enough to ever have a dream in the first place.  So you go on back to doing whatever it is that you’ve spent you’re whole life trying to escape from.

You need to back yourself.

There is a more empowering way of thinking.  Focusing on what you can do uses a part of your brain that involves appreciation, whereas focusing on what you can’t do uses a different part of your brain that involves fear.  You can’t feel both at the same time, so this is a tool that you can use to train yourself to find a way forward.

Write a list of all of the ways in which what you want can be achieved.  Any time you think of new reasons – add them to the list!  Discuss it with positive friends and family members – they’ll have ideas and suggestions that you hadn’t even thought of.  Join a group of similar interest, or hire a coach.  Keep a collection of powerful pictures or symbols that represent the heart of what it is that you want and why you want it.  Do whatever you have to.

You might think that sounds silly, but a recent survey of the top regrets of the dying listed the number one reason involving unfulfilled dreams, and having to die knowing that it was due to choices that they had made, or not made.  Do you want this to be you?  If you found yourself in that position and could then rewind the clock back to this moment right now, what would you do differently?  What choices would you make?  Your time starts now.